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Are You a Victim of Debt Collector Harassment? Know Your Rights!

Guaranteed by Federal and State Law for those who borrow money (the “debtor”) are specific rights. Whether the debt is for buying a home, a car or for other personal use, these laws protect debtors from being treated unfairly by creditors. There are different rights available to you depending on the circumstances, but DO NOT let debt collectors win by default…fight back!

With a favorable settlement rate of over 95%, Attorney David Sweis and his team of professionals can show you how to fight back against debt collector harassment. They offer an aggressive defense and will take it to trial if necessary. They know the law and have the right strategies with proven success to put your mind at ease and bring you through this empty maze.

While a creditor has the right to try to collect a debt that is due, he is tied to federal law in how he can do so. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) explains the proper methods of debt collection and also defines precisely what credit harassment looks like. For example:

  • A debt collector must identify themselves as a debt collector on all correspondence to the debtor and also indicate that they are seeking the collection of a debt.
  • The first communication from a debt collector must also carry with it YOUR right to dispute the debt in writing within thirty (30) days.
  • Should you do so, the debt collector must verify the validity of the debt before proceeding any further.
  • If they cannot verify the debt, then they cannot collect on it…period!

Can YOU Sue a Debt Collector?

Yes you can! Failure by the debt collector to follow the FDCPA can give rise to a lawsuit against the debt collector by YOU. Let the Sweis Law Firm guide you through the process and work for you.

We can help you negotiate down your debt, fight the debt collector in court and even reduce the debt to zero.

Case Results

Case Study # 1A recent college graduate pursuing further professional schooling seeking to defer her loans was wrongfully place into debt collection. After threatening suit under the FDCPA, she reached a settlement resulting in principal reduction of over 33% and an interest free and very affordable monthly payment.

Case Study # 2A borrower with a delinquent second mortgage was not properly served and the pending lawsuit sat idle. As a second debt collector entered the picture, she settled for $7500 on a $68,000 balance. In addition, the returning first debt collector was forced to pay her $1000 to resolve their FDCPA violation.

Case Study # 3A client with a delinquent Chase Credit Card in the amount of $11,000 was sued by a company claiming to have purchased the debt from Chase. Sweis Law Firm established that the plaintiff company could not prove the purchase and judgment was rendered in favor of the client.

Don’t fret and don’t navigate this process by yourself or with an inexperienced debt collector harassment attorney!

Contact Us Today for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation and get peace of mind!

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