Sweis Law Firm, P.C.

The Sweis Law Firm provides its business and consumer clientele with niche legal services in select areas of consumer and corporate law. This is accomplished through an established network of attorneys that have a working relationship with David R. Sweis, Esq. in various specialized areas of the law.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, David R. Sweis focuses his practice in foreclosure defense & real estate settlement, immigration and international trade law & compliance.
Chicago Attorneys Dedicated To Defending Your Rights

Sweis Law Firm is currently interested in handling matters involving creditor and debt collector harassment after a consumer has successfully completed a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Such harassment includes attempting to collect on a discharged debt, unlawfully damaging consumer credit scores after a discharge and threatening to garnish wages or file suit to collect on discharged debt.

If someone you know has been harassed subsequent to obtaining a bankruptcy discharge, please call our office at (630) 575-8505 and schedule your consultation today!

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